What is voice of the customer?

Voice of the customer is the process of gathering data and information on customers, including comments, feedback and requirements, to implement a tailored strategy to increase customer satisfaction. Voice of the customer enables businesses to identify what really matters to their customers and pinpoint key areas for investment to maximize growth.

Our Voice of the Customer modules

Voc Surveys

Watermelon ensures that the right methodology is implemented for the collection of data, finding bespoke and flexible solutions to maximise customer participation in real time.

Through careful consideration of each methodology and by assessing the customer’s chosen method of contact, we provide optimised methodologies for effective data collection.

Being method neutral allows us to offer impartial advice to ensure we maximise customer participation and build a fit for purpose approach.

VoC Analytics

Watermelon VoC Analytics allows clients to use insight to identify patterns and trends from customer feedback in real-time.

Our focus is establishing the most significant KPIs from the VoC analytics in order to create a clear and impactful strategy. Overlaying our text analytics module quantifies customer comments and disseminates key insights.

Watermelon provides a comprehensive overview of your customer experience, actionable insights, and how to effectively deploy corrective change.

VoC Dashboards

Watermelon continues to closely monitor VoC metrics and track your results over time, providing ongoing support and customer insights.

Using a customised VoC dashboard, your stakeholders can observe customers in real-time, receive alerts as soon as a customer has completed a survey and then re-engage to resolve any issues.

We ensure our dashboards are clear, concise and action-orientated to enable clients to identify and act in the moment.

VoC Act

Watermelon allow clients to action effectively and promptly. Our consultants make the VoC process smart and simple to assist clients to deploy performance improvement plans in the most productive way possible.

Watermelon offer a clear Closed Loop Feedback module tailored to individual users' needs. This enables clients to re-engage with frustrated customers, tackle problem areas and put the appropriate actions in motion to improve customer experience.

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