Voice of the Customer

Watermelon listens to the customer and provides in-depth and real time customer insights to enable change and improve customer satisfaction and experience through our sophisticated Voice of the Customer platform.

Listening to customers can identify opportunities, avoid mistakes and positively impact word of mouth.

Watermelon’s 6 step framework

Watermelon have developed a tried and tested 6 step framework. This process ensures that the implementation is structured, clearly signposted, and most importantly gets clients using the customer feedback effectively.

Design & build stages

  1. Stage 1. Audit

    We take stock of your needs and existing systems to create a programme fit for purpose.

  2. Stage 2. Design

    We recommend methods to maximise participation and metrics and dashboards to suit your business needs.

  3. Stage 3. Gather

    We pilot all projects to fully road test the process and ensure a smooth start.

Share and Act Stages

  1. Stage 4. Analyse

    From viewing KPIs at a glance to deeper analysis, your dashboard gives tailored access to data.

  2. Stage 5. Act

    Listen-Learn-Leverage is our mantra, including closed loop feedback and best practice business strategies.

  3. Stage 6. Support

    From tried & tested launch support to ongoing innovation, we’re here to help at every stage.

Support at every stage

During Design and Build stages Watermelon make listening a priority and interrogate legacy data to understand business objectives and stakeholder requirements. We fully immerse ourselves in your business and can second our team into your organisation to support with set up and rollout.

During Share and Act stages our specialists (Six Sigma and Prince 2 trained) work with you to create a platform identity, with a clear roadmap and communication plan. Following deployment we use our framework to ensure the platform grows with your ever-changing business needs.

Customisation to fit your needs

During the Design and Build stage we’ll digest what we’ve learned from you to recommend the most appropriate metrics and survey methodologies best suited to your customer to maximise participation and data quality. We’ll also support you in selecting dashboard design and functionality such as KPI benchmarking and closed loop feedback, that will integrate best into your current business practices.

During the Share and Act stage we’ll share our modules for more advanced analysis of your data such as live impact modelling and text analytics, to ensure you get the greatest value from your data. We’ll also offer deployment support options and additional tools such as InterACT our proactive customer communication tool.

We build customer and employee engagement platforms. Some of our clients include:

Anglian Water
Legal & General

“Listening to customers can identify opportunities, avoid mistakes and positively impact word of mouth...”

Mark Squires, Chief Executive - Watermelon

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