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Open-Ended Questions

Including open-ended questions in customer surveys enables customers to answer freely and provides rich qualitative and unstructured data. Unstructured data allows clients to gain a deeper understanding of customer sentiment to identify concerns and understand what is truly important to their customers.

The key to gathering better insight from open-ended questions is quantifying the themes of the unstructured data and blending this with other key metrics.

What are the benefits?

  • Open-ended questions enable you to truly listen to your customers and optimise your customer’s experience.
  • This type of survey question gives context to the metric score – why is the customer not recommending your company? What was it that made their experience negative?
  • Open-ended survey questions provide customers with the opportunity to ask to be or for further information, meaning clients can then speak to them directly and work to improve their customer experience.


  • Whilst open-ended survey questions are undoubtedly a great source of insight, this survey metric requires a certain level of time and attention to analyse and make use of the data.

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