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While we can recommend a suite of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), for example, helpfulness of staff, we work with our clients to interrogate legacy data and/or audit business touchpoints to agree the core KPI metrics that will best identify customer concerns and inform strategies for improvement.

What are the benefits?

  • Measuring KPIs as a customer satisfaction metric in your customer surveys enables you to gauge if you're reaching your goals, and if your customers are happy with these standards. For example, if the KPI for a bank's in-store queue time is set at ten minutes or less, you can measure if your team has reached this goal by looking at average queueing times. If you receive negative feedback that the queue times are too long, you know that ten minutes as a KPI is not acceptable for your customers and needs to be shortened.
  • Measuring KPI targets with customer satisfaction surveys facilitates a more holistic view of your customer service team’s performance.


  • Although we have a recommended bank of KPIs to choose from, using tailored KPI metrics to your own business will facilitate gathering the most valuable data and gaining the deepest insight. This is worth considering if your set up times are short and costs are low.

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