Survey Methodologies

Overlay Surveys

An overlay survey is a pop-up that provides real time feedback from the online customer.

What are overlay surveys?

The survey appears on the customer’s browser – unaffected by security and pop-up blockers. Watermelon deploy the survey on a specific page that a customer is browsing or use our technology to track user activity on the website and detect when they are about to navigate away from the site, at which point an exit overlay survey will be triggered.

What are the benefits?

  • Gather feedback from both customers and potential customers who are browsing.
  • Overlay surveys are a great way to find out why people are leaving your website.
  • While this method can quickly identify problems with websites, it often yields lower response rates as people can find it a distraction from what they are already trying to achieve online.

Watermelon’s approach

This type of online survey can be triggered randomly, for example for every tenth website visitor or at specific times of the day, to minimise frustration amongst frequent visitors to the website.

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