Survey Methodologies

Mobile Surveys

Mobile surveys are short surveys that are highly optimised for smartphones and tablet computers. Watermelon’s mobile surveys are integrated with self-rendering technology allowing seamless configuration across all device types.

What is a mobile survey?

A mobile survey is completed on the customer’s mobile phone browser, accessed through a survey link from a SMS or an email.

What are the benefits?

  • Our mobile survey tool automatically configures providing a robust user experience.
  • Valuable customer feedback can be collected at the touch of a button.
  • Watermelon’s mobile survey software processes feedback, uploaded in real time providing immediate insight for your VoC programme.

Watermelon’s approach

Watermelon develop visually appealing and engaging customer surveys that are specifically optimized for mobile devices.

Through self-rendering browser technology, our mobile surveys detect the user device type and render on their device accordingly. Specific questions and unique routing are shown dependent on the device, and different layouts are displayed to optimise the user experience.

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