Survey Methodologies

IVR Surveys

Our state of the art IVR survey software combined with touch tone technology offers an effective solution for capturing real-time customer feedback – requiring only a telephone to take part.

What are IVR surveys?

An Interactive Voice Response (IVR) survey is a pre-recorded automated phone survey in which the customer responds vocally to questions or types numerical response using the keypad.

What are the benefits?

  • IVR surveys can be issued immediately after customer interaction to give a real-time understanding of the customer experience.
  • The opinions shared are objective and not influenced by the presence of an interviewer.
  • Capture customer comments verbatim which can then be supplied as recordings or transcriptions to start building real insight in real-time into true voice of the customer.

Watermelon’s approach

With automated administration, simple setup and multiple language options, Watermelon IVR survey software allows customers to leave detailed and open-ended feedback regardless of device and in the moment.

Recordings and transcriptions are then made available to start building real insight in real-time into customer feedback.

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