Survey Methodologies

CATI Surveys

Computer Aided Telephone Interview (CATI) surveys use trained interviewers to probe and really get under the skin of the subject.

What are CATI surveys?

CATI surveys are computer-assisted telephone interviews, where the interviewer follows a script from a CATI software platform, and records the responses within it. CATI software enables interviewers to import a list of telephone numbers, call customers direct from the CATI platform, log call responses and make appointments to call back at a later date.

What are the benefits?

  • Efficient collection and recording of VoC data as the interviewer enter customer’s responses straight into the platform.
  • CATI software ensures the data is collected accurately as it applies a number of filters to select the right questions to ask at the right time depending on how the customer responds to the questions asked.
  • Experienced interviewers are able to collect the most useful and valuable VoC data using verbal cues from each individual respondent.

Watermelon’s approach

Watermelon ensure that the right methodologies are used to suit the company and their customer base to maximise response rates and quality of VoC data collected.

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