Identify patterns and trends from feedback data in real-time with Watermelon VoC Analytics. Using our sophisticated text and speech analytics software, unlock key insights to establish an effective strategy for corrective change.

Analytics Modelling

Our platform allows users to understand the relationship between drivers & NPS and identify how to improve customer satisfaction.

Key Driver Analysis

Key Driver Analysis brings together questions into a single model to identify which ones best explain NPS. This enables users to isolate where to focus priorities on improvement, the output of which can be displayed using a range of visual solutions to prioritise improvement.

Relative Weight Analysis

Relative Weight Analysis (RWA) helps us analyse categories of survey questions to identify which ones are the real drivers of a key performance measure. RWA calculates the importance of each category’s contribution to the KPI.

Statistical Analysis

Watermelon offer live impact modelling capability within the dashboard to understand the impact of improvement (for example reduce waiting times by 30 seconds and your NPS score will increase by a score of 7)

Our text analytics and data integration solution is powered by an open source system with a comprehensive range of features. We build all of our dashboards to be open source (API). This allows us to collate multiple data sets from sources such as social media.

Text Analytics

Watermelon’s text analytics solution uncovers in depth insights about what your customers are really thinking about, helping drive immediate action for your business.

Step 1


Verbatim comments are broken down into core categories and themes. We’ll initially start with a fairly large code frame of around 25+ categories, which will then filter up (in a hierarchy fashion) to core themes, to ensure granularity, standardisation and focus.

Step 2

Applying Sentiment

Each verbatim comment is given a sentiment score to allow you to understand negation, conditional sentiment, and other linguistic nuances to provide insight into the strength of feeling.

Step 3


Interrogating categorisation and sentiment data clarifies at a high level what customers are saying about their experiences and how they truly feel about them, allowing you to understand what is driving both positivity and negativity.

Data Integration

Watermelon’s data integration module offers a holistic viewpoint of your performance. Our open-source platforms offer a clear way to display data from multiple sources, be that CRM data, existing secondary data, transactional data or social media data.

Social Media Integration

We overlay primary data with customer sentiment from social media, providing deeper understanding of your brand’s performance vs. competitors.

Text & Data Integration

Our filter options are customisable and can be powered by any primary or secondary variable e.g. segmentation data or even CRM systems, transactional data and present an easy to read and actionable performance overview.

Our 3 stage closed loop feedback Module

At Watermelon our goal is to enabling our clients to effectively act and drive change. We offer a 3 stage closed loop feedback module that is tailored to individual users, custom designed with your business in mind.

Stage 1


Set up real-time alerts that are triggered when a customer expresses a specified level of dissatisfaction or mentions certain keywords or phrases. These details are then sent to the appropriate teams or individuals so that they can re-engage with customers and begin their recovery of the situation.

Stage 2


All the Close Loop Feedback activity is logged within the programme allowing users to build management information to understand the impact the resolutions individuals are deploying are having on key metrics and also look for trends from the data.

Stage 3


The Leverage part of the module is designed to share latest thinking and innovative solutions. We offer modules that allows performance improvement plans (PIP) to be designed and our forum offers a secure space where stakeholders or internal users within the organisation can discuss pain points, best working practice and share feedback.

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