The Watermelon Framework

Over the last 5 years Watermelon has developed a clear framework to manage client expectations through effective road mapping. The framework allows clients to combine technology and research to deploy a fit for purpose VoC platform, through our modular library of tried and tested approaches for all stages of the journey.

The 6 step process

Watermelon’s 6 step process

Our VoC ProcessDesign and build stages

Stage 1 Audit

The most successful satisfaction programmes have strong buy-in from stakeholders. We recommend early workshops and/or 1-2-1s with key influencers to fully understand individual needs. Listening to ideas and getting input during this set up stage helps cement strong ownership of the programme.

We find the best approach to understand your business is for our consultants to spend time on-site auditing your current data with you, reviewing systems and processes, and identifying any potential dependencies or concerns.

Stage 2 Design

Once we have listened to your needs we then advise on the best design for your VoC programme. We will look at the programme from a holistic viewpoint and recommend on the delivery of the sample, the survey invitation design, choosing the right survey methodology, agreeing the metrics and building your custom dashboard.

Our fit for purpose approach ensures that you are getting a VoC platform that caters to your needs as the market is saturated with agencies providing off-the- shelf programmes that are inflexible and highly productised.

Stage 3 Gather

Once we’ve assessed the landscape we’ll discuss methodology options for a pilot stage. Sometimes piloting one method in one business area, or sometimes a mixed method approach, but always based on YOUR business and YOUR customers.

We build the whole VoC programme in-house to provide an agile and flexible way of working. We provide the freedom to make changes to both survey and methodology design throughout the process.

Once live we don’t stop listening to ensure that the survey is working as intended and providing a positive experience for your customers.

Our VoC ProcessShare and act stages

Stage 4 Analyse

Watermelon's VoC dashboards are designed to be intuitive and easy to navigate. We integrate both primary metrics and metadata to effectively display KPIs, and keep it simple and impactful.

We combine key metrics with customer comments to provide customer insight, identify service improvements, and how to deploy corrective change in the moment.

Our VoC platform allows users to understand the relationship between drivers and NPS, enabling users to identify how to improve customer satisfaction. Watermelon offer regression analysis modelling to allow clients to identify and understand impact of change in the moment.

Stage 5 Act

At Watermelon we enable our clients to effectively act and drive change.

Our goal is to make this process smart and simple for our clients, and with this in mind we offer a 3 stage closed loop feedback module (Listen, Learn, Leverage).

This is tailored to individual users and designed with your business in mind, whether that is re-engaging with an individual customer, learning from the impact that resolutions are having on customer experience, or leveraging performance improvement plans to drive change throughout the business.

Stage 6 Support

Watermelon offer both ongoing support and training throughout the programme. We develop a clear training programme and provide helpdesk support to ensure effective deployment.

We have vast experience at providing end user access, with over 100,000 end users accessing our platforms daily.

We provide an 8 minute training video and a user guide to give all users the ability to self-start, and offer webinars and 1-2-1 support where required to ensure all users get the most out of the platform.

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