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How To Re-Invent Your Company Culture

Why is company culture important?

Company culture is important because employees want to enjoy their time at work and they are more likely to if they fit with the company culture. Employees are more likely to stay when they feel fulfilled, therefore decreasing the costs of recruiting, hiring and training. 

2019: New Year, New CX Strategy

Hello 2019! Now’s the perfect time to examine your current CX strategy and to start planning for the year ahead.

Are You Asking The Right Questions? How To Avoid Common VoC Mistakes

Surveying your customers allows you to understand if your customers are happy or not. You can monitor what your customers are responding well to and what needs to be improved. However, just throwing together a simple Voice of the Customer survey is not going to yield the answers that you require to stay ahead of the competition. It is crucial to ask the right questions to the right people, at the right time.

6 Ways to Empower and Engage Your Employees

Having engaged employees can greatly benefit your organisation. Engaged employees take a vested interest in the success of the business – they feel their efforts are mirrored in the success of the organisation and understand their role in creating that success.

Three Steps to Maximise ROI From Your VoC Programme

Listening to customers has never been more important. While there's no shortage of research proving the value of a differentiated CX, it can be challenging to prove the ROI. If you missed our recent webinar about this topic, don’t fear, these three key take aways below can help you get started in the right direction.

Is the QR Code Dead?

It was hoped that Quick Response (QR) codes would become a dominant technology, not only as a method of calculating inventory, but as tool that could be exploited by the marketing and CX industry. After entering the market and subsequently falling out of favour, there could be life in QR codes after all. Why didn’t they take off in the first place? And what is different this time?

How to Measure Customer Experience

According to Forrester, 72% of businesses say that improving their customer experience is their top priority. Stakeholders and senior staff are becoming more and more aware of the importance of a great CX.

Using Closed Loop Feedback To Get Closer To Your Customers

To close the loop simply means to respond to customer feedback directly – often to try to resolve an issue or respond to a complaint. Traditionally, customer satisfaction surveys have focused on only collecting customer feedback. But times have changed, and many customers now expect that if they have taken the time to provide feedback that they will receive a response, especially when they highlight a problem.

Why do Customer Experience Programmes Fail?

Many business leaders look to use Customer Experience (CX) programmes to strategically improve operations - surveys and studies indicate that companies are investing more today than ever before on customer service and customer experience. But why are CX programmes failing, and what can business leaders like yourself do about it?

The Power of Informal Customer Feedback

Informal customer feedback provides an alternative way to listen to your customers, and is just as powerful and insightful to your organisation as feedback gathered through more structured feedback solutions.

“Listening to customers can identify opportunities, avoid mistakes and positively impact word of mouth...”

Mark Squires, Chief Executive - Watermelon

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