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5 Great Ways to Collect Customer Feedback

Why is it critical to collect customer feedback?

Collecting customer feedback is one of the best ways to listen to your customers’ voice. Transactional surveys help you to identify and remedy customer pain points, understand what your customers need and most importantly, understand where your business has room for improvement.

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Voice of the customer

How To Build The Perfect VoC Strategy

Why is a VoC strategy important?

Rolling out a VoC programme is no small feat, it involves engaging with many stakeholders within your business. It will mean providing data to 1,000s of staff to enable change, so a clear strategy is of paramount importance. The key to success for any voice of the customer programme is taking the time to plan your VoC strategy in the initial stages. Lack of direction and unclear communication can create results that fail for both the business and their customers. Good input creates good output.

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Fall in love with IVR

Interactive Voice Recognition (IVR) still has a bad reputation, but why? We’ve all experienced or heard horrors stories of getting lost in labyrinthine touch-tone menus or desperately replying back the name of the department we need to speak to only to be told repeatedly that our request cannot be recognised.

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