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Bridging the gap between technology and research

Right from the off, we bring our clients ideas as well as expertise. We don't wait to be told what to do and we can't wait to get started.

Watermelon understands the three key needs clients have from digital research

  • 1.Results first, tools and technology second

    Clients don't buy technology for its own sake. They are looking for real insight, enabling them to build market engagement and drive mind and wallet share.

  • 2.Real answers from real experts

    Clients in search of answers don't want more questions, from people who may know the technology and understand the fieldwork process, but do not understand the practice and the power of research techniques and the business objective.

  • 3.Straight-through service

    Clients want a clean, easy, and joined-up service from their digital research partner. After all, who wants a route to insight that turns out to be a road to hassle?

What we offer


Who are we?

Watermelon is most definitely not traditional research with a ‘digital badge'. Watermelon most certainly is a team of expert, specialist digital research practitioners. We live, breathe and frequently dream digital research. All of us, all the time.

That's what we do, exclusively. So our focus is 100% on obtaining the best research data for our clients so that they can focus on answering their business questions. They may need anything from IVR and online data collection, through to research techniques such as conjoint analysis, to online dashboards and portals.

No matter what the technique and methodology, our people will make sure they understand the objectives. That means we can apply the most appropriate, proven and productive process, with some innovative touches along the way if required.

Our team has energy, experience and boundless enthusiasm for getting our clients exactly what they need. And we're a part of Chime Communications Plc., so we fully understand the bigger picture when it comes to creating insight.

Watermelon marries the rigorous demands of modern research to the vast capabilities of digital technology.

Our services

What we offer

Our services

Advantage to clients? We don't let technical decisions dictate our choice of method. Our research platform stays ‘open' until we have devised the best approach. The key drivers are business objectives, target audience and resourcing. They are not technology choices.

Watermelon brings imagination, expertise and flawless delivery process to the following key disciplines.

Data Collection Techniques

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Our services

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MRS Fair Data MRS Evidence Matters Company Partner
MRS Fair Data MRS Evidence Matters Company Partner